We are a small group of traders (not coders) searching for the holy grail of automated trading strategies. If you’re new to trading, you might want to read the post Trading Is A Dark And Scary Forest which tells you a little about my personal journey and what you can expect as a trader. Then you may want to read: We Are Treasure Hunters Searching For The Holy Grail Of Automated Trade Strategy to find out about our goal at ATS.

If you’re also on the hunt for the holy grail of automated trading strategies — join us!

We’ve defined the holy grail of trade strategy to be the following (based on annual performance):

  • Profit factor greater than 3

  • Annual drawdown less than 3%

  • Annual return greater than 500%

  • Minimum daily net profit of -$1,000

  • Avg Daily profit greater than $1,000

  • Less than 5,000 trades annually

We have yet to find this illusive automated trade strategy, but we’re on the hunt!

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As of 7/28/21, these are the strategies we’ve published.

Our highest performing strategy (un-optimized) has a profit factor of 1.85 (Strategy 28). It also has the highest profit per trade at $579. The Strategy with the highest ROI based on max drawdown is Strategy 10 with a Return on Max Drawdown of 2042.69%.

As you can tell, we’re learning and our strategies keep getting closer to the holy grail.

Meanwhile, check out some of our free strategies — Strategies 1, 2, 5 and 11 (see below) — and when you’re ready, check out the full site here and upgrade to our paid membership for $525/month to unlock access to all strategies (receive a 20% discount with an annual membership).

Strategy 1

Strategy 2

Strategy 5

Strategy 11

We publish at least 1 strategy every month. As a paid member, not only will you have access to all of our strategies, but we’ll answer any questions you have about our research. Many of the posts you see on our page were originally research requests from paid subscribers.

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