We are a small group of traders (not coders) searching for the holy grail of automated trading strategies.

We’ve defined the holy grail of trade strategy to be the following (based on annual performance):

  • Profit factor greater than 3

  • Annual drawdown less than 3%

  • Annual return on max drawdown greater than 500%

  • Maximum daily net profit of -$1,000

  • Avg Daily profit greater than $1,000

  • Less than 5,000 trades annually

  • More than 253 trades annually

We have yet to find this elusive automated trade strategy, but we’re on the hunt!

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Strategy 1

Strategy 5

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If you’re new to trading, check out our introductory post: How Much Can You Make Using Automated Trading Strategies? Answer: Over $1.2M in 2020* on Medium. You might also want to read the post Trading Is A Dark And Scary Forest which tells you a little about my personal journey and what you can expect as a trader. Then you may want to read We Are Treasure Hunters Searching For The Holy Grail Of Automated Trade Strategy to find out about our collective goal with this publication.

We also recommend practicing on a simulated account first. There are many different kinds of platforms out there. We prefer Ninjatrader. You can have free access to the Ninjatrader platform by opening a Ninjatrader brokerage account. The minimum amount you need to fund a NT brokerage account is $400 (there’s also a $12 a month fee for data). Keep in mind, you can withdraw the $400 from the brokerage at any time so it’s not a real cost, but it gives you access to the platform (a free license) and a simulated data environment for only $12 a month. You can read more about that on the Ninjatrader webpage or reach out to their help desk. They are very responsive. Just be sure to tell them that you are only interested in simulated trading at this point. This allows you to practice as much as you want until you figure out the best approach.

Finally, Ninjatrader has some great classes on Youtube like the one below.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us directly at automatedtradingstrategies@substack.com.

Welcome To The Hunt!